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Please note: some thumbnails only show part of the image, but will reveal all when opened.
The following artworks are available as Limited Edition giclee prints. ( Limit of 75 per size)
These archival prints on canvas represent excellent value. See thumbnail gallery to the right.
   SIZE                            PRICE
"Old shed, Wolgan"

     380 x 300mm                    $195 AUD
     570 x 455mm                    $375 AUD
     760 x 605mm                    $495 AUD
"Simple pleasures"

     380 x 250mm                   $195 AUD
     570 x 380mm                   $375 AUD
     765 x 505mm                   $495 AUD
"Morning shadows, Wolgan"

    460 x 305mm                    $295 AUD
    690 x 455mm                    $450 AUD
    915 x 610mm                    $595 AUD
Note: All prints sold unstretched and shipped in a tube. Price does not include postage and handling.

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"Old shed, Wolgan""Simple pleasures""Morning shadows, Wolgan"